Why JAK Summit

Hiking through the hills of Hong Kong

JAK Summit Tours & Travel is all about great experiences when traveling!!! We believe when we value people above profit, and great travel experiences above great financial gains, then exploring our world becomes even more fun and fulfilling!

Our business model is about providing the best, educational and touring experiences, for an incredible value that doesn’t break the bank. Simply put, we can stay competitive with other educational, international touring programs, because our overhead is so much lower and the personalized, small group experience for every trip is so much better!

Our business philosophy refuses to compromise on these things:

  1. Traveling in small groups is just that…small groups of 7 to 10, led by a passionate group leader who is way more interested in providing the best touring experience, than quickly herding bus loads of people from place to place, just to check a box off on a list.
  2. We stay in nice, luxury and semi-luxury, American-branded hotels EVERYWHERE we go! Personally, I’m a pretty tall, overweight guy who likes a comfortable, American bed to sleep on at night, especially after a long day of walking and touring! We favor the Hilton Hotel brands and Marriott Hotel brands when traveling both domestic and abroad.
  3. We love to use public transportation like buses, trains, and subways! Exploring the underground malls of the Hong Kong metro, traveling all the way across Beijing from the Summer Palace to the Temple of Heaven in just 25 minutes, and riding on the world’s most efficient subway system in Shanghai, is an incredible way to connect with a country’s people! And because we are all about the ‘experience’, we attempt to use public transportation often!
  4. We favor great flight times, with good connections! Who wants to stay in an airport for 10 hours, waiting for a connecting flight? Or, arrive at an airport late at night, only to leave a few hours later, early morning? That’s not who we are! When we book flights, we ALWAYS try to keep YOU in mind, especially when traveling overseas. Great flight times, with not too short, and not too long connections, plays a huge part in the JAK Summit experience!
  5. We value relationships! Exploring the world is so much more fun when traveling with people who you know and trust! We at JAK Summit do our best to not just connect with you, but build healthy connections among your travel group!
The Beijing Metro dropped me right off at Tian’anamen Square.
Again, the Beijing subway system drops you right off at the North gate of Beihi Park close to the Forbidden City.